CHED Scholarship 2024-2025 Application – Apply Now

CHED Scholarship 2024 Online Application
CHED Scholarship 2024 Online Application

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has announced the launch of CHED Scholarships for eligible Filipinos for the Academic year 2024-2025. CHED was created through the passage of Republic Act No. 7722, or the Higher Education Act of 1994.

CHED is an attached agency to the Office of the President for administrative purposes, is headed by a chairperson and four commissioners, each having a term of office of four years. The Commission En Banc acts as a collegial body in formulating plans, policies and strategies relating to higher education and the operation of CHED.

The CHED Merit Scholarship Program for incoming college freshmen. CHED Scholarship 2024 – StuFAPs is to give financial support to students enrolled in authorized public or private higher education institutions (HEIs). This helps to ensure that education is accessible to all, especially to underprivileged and deserving children.

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What are the CHED Scholarship Programs?

CHED provides Scholarship grants to incoming freshmen. The CHED scholars must enroll in one of the following recognized priority programs to avail the scholarships:

  • Private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
  • State Universities and Colleges (SUCs)
  • Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs) with Certificate of Program Compliance

Qualified students will be awarded Scholarships under the following programs:

  • State Scholarship Program (SSP): Awarded to qualified students who will enroll in any State University Colleges (SUCs) or accredited Local University Colleges (LUCs).
  • Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA): Awarded to qualified students who will enroll in any Private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

Both SSP and PESFA offer Merit Full and Half-Scholarships annually and semestral.

What are the benefits of a CHED Scholarship?

Following are the list of benefits a CHED Scholar will enjoy:

CHED Scholarship 2024-2025 will cover the following:

  • Tuition and other school fees (TOSF)
  • Stipend per semester and
  • Book/Connectivity allowance

The stipend will be released directly to the scholars or through HEIs. The book/ connectivity allowance per semester of a given academic year until the completion of the degree program.

Financial Assistance for Private HEIs Students

Following are the financial assistance benefits for students studying in Private HEIs:

Full PESFA – Annual Benefits

Scholars under Full PESFA – Annual will receive a total of ₱120,000, which shall be given as follows:

  • Tuition and other school fees (TOSF) – ₱40,000
  • Stipend – ₱70,000
  • Book / Connectivity allowance – ₱10,000

Full PESFA – Semestral Benefits

Scholars under Full PESFA – Semestral will receive a total of ₱60,000, which shall be given as follows:

  • Tuition and other school fees (TOSF) – ₱20,000
  • Stipend – ₱35,000
  • Book / Connectivity allowance – ₱5,000

Half PESFA – Annual Benefits

Scholars under Half PESFA – Annual will receive a total of ₱60,000, which shall be given as follows:

  • Tuition and other school fees (TOSF) – ₱20,000
  • Stipend – ₱35,000
  • Book / Connectivity allowance – ₱5,000

Half PESFA – Semestral Benefits

Scholars under Half PESFA – Semestral will receive a total of ₱30,000, which shall be given as follows:

  • Tuition and other school fees (TOSF) – ₱20,000
  • Stipend – ₱17,500
  • Book / Connectivity allowance – ₱2,500

Financial Assistance for SUCs/LUC Students

Following are the financial assistance benefits for students studying in SUCs/LUC:

Full SSP – Annual Benefits

Scholars under Full SSP – Annual will receive a total of ₱80,000, which shall be given as follows:

  • Tuition and other school fees (TOSF) – FREE
  • Stipend – ₱70,000
  • Book / Connectivity allowance – ₱10,000

Full SSP – Semestral Benefits

Scholars under Full SSP – Semestral will receive a total of ₱40,000, which shall be given as follows:

  • Tuition and other school fees (TOSF) – FREE
  • Stipend – ₱35,000
  • Book / Connectivity allowance – ₱5,000

Half SSP – Annual Benefits

Scholars under Half SSP – Annual will receive a total of ₱40,000, which shall be given as follows:

  • Tuition and other school fees (TOSF) – FREE
  • Stipend – ₱35,000
  • Book / Connectivity allowance – ₱5,000

Half SSP – Semestral Benefits

Scholars under Half SSP – Semestral will receive a total of ₱20,000, which shall be given as follows:

  • Tuition and other school fees (TOSF) – FREE
  • Stipend – ₱17,500
  • Book / Connectivity allowance – ₱2,500

What are the Qualifications?

Following is the eligibility criteria to be fulfilled by a student to apply for CHED Scholarship 2024:

  1. The applicant must be a Filipino citizen;
  2. He or She must be graduating high school student or high school graduate with a General Weighted Average (GWA) of at least 90%.
  3. The student must belong to the special group of persons such as
    • The underprivileged and Homeless Citizens under Republic Act (RA) No. 7279,
    • Persons with Disability (PWDs) under RA No. 7277 as amended,
    • Solo Parents and/or their Dependents under RA 8371,
    • and shall submit certifications and/or Identification Cards (IDs) issued by the appropriate offices or agencies.
  4. The applicant must only avail one government-funded financial assistance program.
  5. He or She Must enroll in the Courses as intended in the list of CHED Priority Programs.

The CHED Scholarship is open to all qualified and deserving students, selectively from the following special groups:

  • Senior citizens
  • Members of the hill tribe
  • Members of a cultural minority
  • Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)
  • who are underprivileged or homeless
  • Solo parents and their dependents

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What are the CHED Priority Courses?

You must enroll in recognized priority programs at Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) or State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) / Local Universities or Colleges (LUCs) with a Certificate of Program Compliance as a CHED Scholarship.

We know you’re curious about what courses are available through the CHED Scholarship. The following are the CHED priority courses in which qualified beneficiaries of CHED Regular Programs shall enroll:

Engineering and Technology

  • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • Ceramic Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering / Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Food Engineering
  • Geodetic Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing / Production Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Pobotics Engineering
  • Sanitary Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technology
  • Aviation Related Programs
  • Engineering Technology
  • Industrial Technology
  • Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Information Technology Education

  • Computer Science
  • Cyber Security
  • Entertainment and Multimedia Computing / Game Development and Animation
  • Information System
  • Information Technology
  • Library and information Science

Science and Mathematics

  • Applied Physics / Physics
  • Applied Mathematics / Mathematics
  • Applied Statistics/ Statistics
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Geology
  • Human Biology
  • Marine Biology
  • Marine Science
  • Meteorology
  • Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  • Architecture
  • Fine Arts
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Environmental Planning

Business and Management

  • Accountancy
  • Business Analytics (straight major)
  • Hospitality Management/ Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Tourism Management/ Tourism

Maritime Education

  • Maritime Engineering Marine Transportation

Teacher Education

  • Secondary Education major in Science and Mathematics
  • Culture and Arts
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Special Needs Education
  • Sports and Exercise Science

Health Profession Education

  • Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • Doctor Of Optometry
  • Medical Technology / Medical Laboratory Science
  • Midwifery
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Radiologic Technology
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Speech Language Pathology

Social Sciences

  • Community Development
  • Human Services (Guidance and Counselling)
  • Indigenous Peoples Studies/ Education
  • Peace Studies/ Education
  • Psychology
  • Social Work

Multi and Interdisciplinary Cluster

  • Agribusiness
  • Agro-forestry
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Disaster Risk Management/ Climate Change
  • Renewable / Sustainable Energy

Note: Please ensure that the course you are planning to enroll is aligned with the priority courses. Check the completeness of your documents as well, because those who have complete documents and at least 90% GWA are allowed to proceed to the Online Application.

What are the CHED Scholarship 2024 Requirements?

The list of documents required to apply for CHED Merit Scholarship are as follows:

A. Proof of Citizenship

A certified true copy of the Birth Certificate.

B. Academic Documents

  • Duly certified true copy of High school report card for incoming freshmen students eligible for college (High School Graduate); and
  • Duly certified true copy of grades for Grade 11 and 1st semester of Grade 12 for graduating high school students.

C. Financial Documents

The student-applicants shall submit any of the following documents:

  • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) of parents or guardian
  • Certificate of Tax Exemption from Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
  • Certificate of Indigence either from their Barangay or Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)
  • Case Study report from DSWD; or
  • Latest copy of contract or proof of income may be considered for children of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and seafarers.

D. Other Requirements

Identification Card (ID) – Special Group (Underprivileged or Homeless, PWD, Solo Parent, Senior Citizen, Indigenous People)

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What Are the CHED Scholarship’s Grounds for Termination?

  • Submission of fake documents
  • Offenses involving moral turpitude
  • Enrollment in a non-priority program
  • Non-completion of the degree program
  • Not carrying a regular load (number of units)
  • Shifting to another program or transferring to another HEI without concerned CHEDRO’s approval.

CHED Scholarship Application Period

  • Starting date of Application for CHED Scholarship is March 19, 2023 and
  • The CHED Scholarship 2023 Deadline is May 31, 2023.

How to Apply for CHED Scholarship?

You can apply for CHED Merit Scholarships 2024 Program by following these 3 easy steps:

  1. Prepare the complete documentary requirements
  2. Scan the required documents clearly.
  3. Send the application and documents ONLINE to your respective CHED Regional Office.

The Commission is now accepting applications online. Each region will have their own application URL. To submit your application, please follow the link according to your region:

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CHED Scholarship Video Guide

CHED Scholarship 2023

A Quick Look at the Newest CHED Scholarship Updates

  • March 2023: CHED Scholarship 2023 is Open
  • March 2022: Due to a lack of funds, applications for the CHED scholarship for the academic year 2022-2023 are temporarily suspended. Wait for more information on when the application will be resumed.
  • July 2021: Online application for CHED Scholarship Academic Year 2021 – 20223 is open from July 1 to August 15, 2021. Candidates must submit their applications online through the CHED Regional Office’s preferred method. If you live in the National Capital Area, for example, you can visit the online application portal here. Continue reading for an up-to-date list of priority initiatives and financial benefits. This academic year, CHED has 7269 places available for qualifying students across the country.


Conclusion, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Scholarship is an useful program that gives financial assistance to deserving students pursuing higher education. This scholarship program covers tuition and other educational fees, as well as living expenses and book allowances. CHED’s scholarship program aims to help Filipino students achieve their educational goals and improve their lives.

Thus, the CHED Scholarship is a excellent opportunity for Filipino students who wish to further their education but lack the financial resources to do so. It helps not just students but also their families who might not be able to afford the cost of school. More Filipinos will be able to get a college degree and contribute to the growth of their communities and the country as a whole thanks to this scholarship program.

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CHED Scholarship FAQ’s and Answer

Who is Eligible for CHED Scholarship?

All Filipino citizens who will enroll in any of courses offered by Ched member universities and colleges (Sample list of disciplines:, regardless of public or private sector, and regardless if they have availed themselves of government educational loan programs such as PECSEM ( ), TLDP ( ), and SULONG ( ) are qualified to apply for a CHED Scholarship.

What does one need to do before applying?

An applicant must inform his school of the courses he is applying for, and an official letter from his school must be sent to the CHED Regional Office in the area where the application is made.

Can I apply for the CHED Scholarship as a first-year student? What about my brothers and sisters?

Yes! This is called First-Year Students Enhancement Program (FYSEP). It is only available to freshmen enrolling in any of the courses provided by Ched member institutions and colleges. Candidates must have a satisfactory first-year college grade, which is usually 2.00/4.00 or higher during out-of-class evaluations.

Another choice for sibling candidates is StuFAP, which is only available to siblings of CHEd graduates (or if the latter enrolls in graduate studies). Applicant must also be enrolled or must enroll at any of the Ched member universities within one semester of application or one semester before graduation (up to 12 years), whichever comes first. Throughout his undergraduate studies, the recipient must maintain a 3.50 GPA.

How many courses can I enroll in?

Candidates may enroll in no more than two courses from different disciplines.

What if I am unable to enroll in the course for which I applied? Can I transfer to a different course or university?

Yeah, but he must reapply for a scholarship. If his admission is revoked due to noncompliance with admission requirements, no refund or assistance will be provided. No shift is allowed from one university/institution or course level to another.

If my application was accepted, how long do I have before enrollment?

Applicants must officially enroll within one semester after notification of approval has been received by the student. Failure thereof will result in forfeiture of the scholarship as well as the scholarship being awarded to other interested applicants.

What if I am unable to enroll? Can I defer enrollment?

Applicant can defer his enrollment to the following semester; however, he must submit a new application together with the requirements.

Are there cases where a scholarship is not granted even after all requirements have been submitted and met?

Yes, there is such as case. If your school does not have any vacancy in the course you applied for, you will still have to wait for the next round of scholarship awards. Also, if you do not meet the academic requirement (i.e., grade requirements), or if you do not comply with other qualifications/requirements stated in Ched regulations, or if you falsify information on the application form, your scholarship award will be cancelled.

What are the additional documentary requirements?

Aside from the academic transcript, you must also submit a birth certificate, marriage contract (if married), medical certificate, NBI/police clearance, and tax return. You should coordinate with your school about these requirements.

When will the CHED scholarship application be available?

The scholarship application period is from March 20 To May 31 of every year.

When will applicants be informed of their status?

Every year, applicants will be notified on or about May 30. If you were approved, you can start enrolling in first priority courses in June up to July 10; if you applied for second priority courses, you can start enrolling in September 16-30.

Where can I get the CHED Scholarship application form?

It is available for download at

What if I’m not sure what course to take? Is it still possible for me to apply for a scholarship?

Yes of course, you may apply; however, please select one of the Ched priority courses for FYSEP and StuFAP covered by CHED. For first-year students, you must take up any two (2) different courses are offered by universities and colleges recognized by CHED. There is no need to retake subjects you have already passed if you are a transfer student. But, you must first receive approval from your school before applying.

What are the qualifications for reapplying to Ched?

Applicant should maintain a 3.50 GPA during his undergraduate coursework; has not yet completed his baccalaureate degree; has been granted a CHED scholarship prior to the present application and is enrolled/enrolled at any of the Ched member institutions within one semester after notification of approval on the present application OR one semester before graduation (up to 12 years), whichever comes first; and meets all CHED eligibility requirements. If there are no available spots in first priority courses, second priority courses will be covered, and third priority courses will be given if all first and second priority courses have been completed.

Am I eligible for a scholarship for my intended graduate studies?

CHED can grant a scholarship to a scholar for his graduate degree if he meets all of CHED’s requirements, has attended any course offered by CHED-recognized universities and colleges, has graduated with an undergraduate degree, and has not yet pursued another baccalaureate degree.

How many scholarships are available each academic year?

FYSEP has around 800,000 scholarship slots; StuFAP has approximately 100,000 slots (because to a cap on the number of scholars per faculty/athletic department). It will be provided nationwide to students in the top 10% of their high school graduating classes and below.

Who will pay the StuFAP scholars tuition?

Following semesters of enrollment for FYSEP students are covered by local governments (LGUs); following semesters of enrollment for StuFAP scholars enrolled in State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) are covered by the national government (i.e., national internal revenue allotment); and following semesters of enrollment in private schools are covered by the scholars themselves.

Are there any law student scholarship programs?

CHED is willing to provide graduate scholarships at both public and non-profit private colleges (i.e., NGOs, NPOs). The scholar must not be in default on any CHED financial obligation, have no pending administrative or criminal case against him, otherwise eligible for the scholarship, and meet with the standards specified by each course/institution in which he will study or teach.

Is there a requirement for residency?

The said law does not provide length-of-stay requirement but it will be subject to guidance provided by subsequent issuances of CHED.

When will I be notified of my scholarship acceptance?

You will be notified of your scholarship acceptance within 120 days of the start of each semester; you must complete all documentary requirements (i.e., acceptance to study at Ched institution, up-to-date student status).

What are CHED priority courses?

During their undergraduate studies, CHED scholars must study one of the following priority courses: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Medical Technology, Nursing, Radiologic Technology (X-ray Tech), Industrial Chemistry (Chem Tech), Chemical Engineering (ChE), Agricultural Biotechnology (ABT), and Veterinary Medicine are all examples of engineering disciplines (VMED).

I’m a scholar. Is it possible for me to transfer to another SUC/CHEd institution?

Sure, but only in certain conditions: You moved within or outside Region Three. If you are a non-resident student, your new school will cover the tuition fee; you must be in good standing and not in default on any financial obligations to CHED; and you have not completed another baccalaureate degree.

Where should I send my application form?

Please submit your application to any CHED Regional Office. For further information on how to apply, go to or contact 708-7042 or 7086655 for Metro Manila and neighboring provinces, or 931-7000 for abroad Filipinos under Global Aksyon Kabisig Sa.

Can a scholar take a course other than his or her priority course?

Sure, but only in certain conditions: If it is part of your eight-semester core curriculum (for example, information technology, civil engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and communications engineering, and mechanical engineering); If it is a school-approved elective for non-majors; If the course is not offered by the SUC/CHEd institution; If you are not in default on any CHED financial obligations and have not pursued another baccalaureate degree.

How many semesters can I use the scholarship for?

You may apply for the scholarship for each year of your undergraduate studies as long as you meet all of CHED standards.

What kind of service do scholars provide?

Scholars should teach in approved SUCs/CHEd Institutes for at least four years after graduation or until they pass the licensure examinations for their chosen courses, whichever comes first.

What are extra benefits to scholars who passed the licensure exam?

You will be eligible for the following benefits: If you pass your licensure exam with flying colors, you will receive a 20% tuition fee discount; the scholarship grant will cover tuition and other fees throughout your summer studies.

Furthermore, an incentive is provided for board topnotchers of CHED scholars as follows:
First-year students receive a one-hundred percent (100%) reduction on miscellaneous fees. – A 70% discount on miscellaneous fees for second-year students; a 50% discount on miscellaneous fees for third-year students. – A thirty percent (30%) discount on miscellaneous fees is given to fourth-year students.

Is there a provision on how scholars should be remunerated by SUC/CHEd Institutions?

No, there is no such provision. It will be determined by school policy or a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). You might inquire about your school’s policies during the hiring process. If there is no CBA, it will be at the discretion of the school.

Can I get scholarship grant without passing the CHED Scholar examination?

Yes, you can receive your scholarship grant regardless of your exam performance, as long as you pass the exam and meet all other CHED conditions.

What if I do not meet the scholarship requirements?

Scholars who fail to comply with or meet any of the scholarship conditions shall be deemed ineligible and their scholarships will be forfeited/canceled accordingly.

How do I re-apply for my CHED scholarship?

Submit income tax return forms before the scholarship period ends for continuing scholars; for new scholars, simply follow the same processes as during the first year.

Do I need to submit anything else besides my college credentials?

Yes, depending on the course you take, an interview may be required. For courses requiring interviews, you can make an appointment at our partner universities for this reason. No, otherwise. (For example, BS Information Technology

How will I know if my scholarship application has been approved?

“NOT YET APPROVED” is the CHED Scholar status. Remember to provide a valid email address when applying online; otherwise, you will not receive an automated email confirming your acceptance or denial.

What are the other documentary requirements for continuing scholars?

If you are still enrolled at SUC’s: Your grades (past semesters) If you are already working in the Government: Income Tax Return (ITR), job contract, appointment paperwork (if employed), business permission (if self-employed). If your company is still on the process for applying for permit/license has not yet started operation: Confirmation of your intention to start your own business or company. If you are employed but you don’t get salary yet: Employer certification regarding proposed employee hiring, if any; or Board resolution on intention to hire scholars (if company is applying for permit/license).

What exactly are CHED StuFAPs?

CHED StuFAPs (SCHOLARSHIPS FOR TEACHING/FACULTY AFFAIR PERSONNEL) aims to provide scholarship funds to SUC/Ched professors who are promoted, hired, and assigned in the academic community. It is a stimulus package for both teaching and non-teaching professionals that includes partial tuition fee assistance and a teaching allowance.

Can I get a scholarship if my school is recognized but the results of the board exams have not yet been released?

No, because scholars must have passed the board exams in order to be appointed to SUCs. Because entrance requirements for scholarship grants are dependent on the PRC list of eligibilities, you cannot apply in advance since it’s not yet certain that you will pass the board exam. You can, however, submit a Certification of Eligibility from your dean’s office stating that you passed the Licensure Test and met all other admission requirements to enroll at their university.

Can I get a scholarship if my PGH (private hospital) is affiliated with a religious organization?

Unfortunately, CHED does not recognize graduates from private schools.

What is my tax period for a CHED scholarship application?

Tax period has nothing to do with scholarship grant. Tax forms are used for pay deduction while employed or for getting a business permit when self-employed.

If I want to apply as a scholar from Region X, where should the school be located?

The location of your school doesn’t really determine which area you belong to. You must be a domicile of the region in which you apply. If you are a scholarship applicant, your choice of university will be determined by your domicile, which is where you have lived the most in the last ten (10) years; if self-sponsored, it will be the location of your primary client or where your company has its main office; and if an employee, it will be at the primary worksite (office of the client or main office). A single domicile may be claimed. If you do not have a clear primary domicile, your present address will be used.

What about primary and secondary education?

CHED scholarship does not yet cover K-12 education. Applicants must therefore be enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program for the current academic year.

Can I apply for a CHED Scholarship if I already work for the government?

Yes, but employees must present two copies of their credentials: one for DepEd validation and another for Ched evaluation. To avoid processing delays, employees must confirm that both copies are complete with all documentary requirements before submitting them. Simply follow the same instructions as if you were applying online. Similarly, it is preferable to apply while still in school because the process takes time and is more advantageous to you than while you are employed.

I am a private school graduate with a Master of Science in Education major in Mathematics. Is it true that because my school is a CHED-recognized private school, I am eligible to apply for scholarships?

No, graduates from private schools are not considered scholars for this program because CHED policy does not yet cover them. Only individuals who applied for and were offered scholarships through the PRC Scholarship Program but did not take use of them would be considered, providing they passed the board test in their particular discipline.

Can you believe I’m 22 years old? Is it still possible to apply for the CHED Scholar Grant?

To apply, applicants must be at least 18 years old before June 30, 2023.

I just had my birthday last March 15, 2023 and now am worried that I am no longer eligible as a scholar since I will turn 22 years old on or before the deadline of application: May 20, 2023. So, what should I do?

It would be preferable if you could submit a Certificate of Waiver from DepEd so that we can handle your request as soon as possible. Simply follow the same steps as if you were applying online. But, you can still apply if your birthdate is on or before May 20, 2023, even if you will turn 22 before the application deadline of June 30, 2023.

Does CHED currently have any new scholarship programs?

As of now, there is no news from CHED regarding scholarship programs; however, early planning is being done through the K to 12 Transition Program, which will provide financial assistance, placement, or job assistance to college students even before they graduate.

If there is an update, we will notify you as quickly as possible via our Facebook Group –

Since the CHED Scholarship Application is now available: Apply Now! But, because it is already May 2023, does this mean that an applicant can no longer file his/her application?

No, please check our website for the application deadline for this year.

What about a priority course for each disciplinary group?

Priority course are given above in the article.

I’m just wondering if CHED offers a scholarship grant to individuals who will be graduating in May 2023.

Special scholarships are available through the Department of Labor and Employment’s Technical Vocational Scholarship Program.

Is there already an application online portal?

Please stay tuned for the launch of the CHED Scholarship Online Module in the first quarter of 2023. (January, February, or March).

If there is an update, we will notify you as quickly as possible via our Facebook Group –

If both of my parents are widows, can I still apply?

You may be eligible for the CHED K to 12 Transition Program under the “Special Group” category. If you have other family members who qualify in any of the categories, their applications take priority over yours. However, candidates with disabilities or financial difficulties who will be unable to work while completing a college education will be given special attention. Please return to our website for more information as soon as possible.

Does CHED have a scholarship specific program for technical-vocational graduates?

Yes, please visit our website for more information about Technical Vocational Scholarship Program scholarships (TVSP).

Will you help us in filling out the form?

We do not provide assistance in filling out your application forms, but an Online Module (OM) will be available soon at, helping applicants to simply fill out their online application forms.

You can also Join Facebook Group at

What should I do if my scholarship application is rejected?

We do not provide any information on the status of your documents submitted and/or application forms to ensure that we prevent any possible favoritism and/or influence during the review and evaluation process. If you have any questions about your status.

How will I know if my scholarship application has been accepted?

You will be notified of your status once Ched has examined and validated your submitted documents, given that you follow standard scholarship application processes, which include sending all required documents together with your completed application form.

How much is the CHED scholarship?

The Scholarship covers your tuition fees and does not cover miscellaneous/personal expenses such as transportation, food, and housing while enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at a university or institution. Accommodations may be provided during summer school programs if there are open slots if you choose to take advantage of them.

I’m thinking to apply for a scholarship for the upcoming school year 2023/2024; is there a specific form that we need to fill out?

All updated forms will be posted on our website at

Is there a Return Service Agreement for the CHED Scholarship?

Unlike the DOST Scholarship, the CHED Scholarship does not require learners to sign a return service commitment after receiving its benefits.

Is there a CHED Scholarship Program exam?

There is no qualifying exam for the CHED Scholarship. You only need to submit the requirements and meet the qualifications for the scholarship.

Is it necessary for me to initially enroll in a university or institution before applying for the CHED Scholarship?

No, although the CHEDRO online application will request information about the college and course you wish to enroll in.

Can I submit my application to the CHED Regional Office directly?

Unlike past CHED applications, which were completed manually, all CHED Scholarship 2021-2022 applications will be completed online, as preferred by the CHED Regional Office.