LTO Portal – How to Register in LTMS Portal Online 2024

LTO Portal is the online portal of the Land Transportation Office in the Philippines. The Land Transportation Office is a government agency administered by the Department of Transportation. LTO Online Portal is officially known as LTMS Portal – Land Transportation Management System Portal of the Philippines.

LTO Portal Online Registration
LTO Portal Online Registration

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What is LTO Portal

The LTO – Land Transportation Office is a government agency responsible for all the functions related to Land Transportation in the country of the Philippines. The LTO Office formulates strategies and enforcement rules and regulations related to Land Transportation.

Main functions of the LTO includes the following:

  • Inspection and registration of motor vehicles,
  • Issuance and renewal of licenses and permits,
  • Enforcement of land transportation rules and regulations, and
  • adjudication of traffic cases

LTO provides various services like License and permit issuance, Motor vehicle registration, Inspection of vehicles, Issuing driver’s licenses, and many more. To make all these services easily accessible to the citizens, LTO has launched the LTO Online Portal.

The LTO Online Portal is a web-based platform where citizens can access LTO services. Launched in 2020, the portal offers direct access to LTO services nationwide.

What is LTMS Portal

The LTMS Portal stands for Land Transportation Management System Portal and is the official name of the LTO Online Portal. With the introduction of the this Online Portal, LTO has transferred all of its day-to-day transactions and integrated its critical services on the site. This helps LTO to function 24 x 7 nationwide.

Using LTMS Portal is simple. The interface is clean and minimal. Users can access the LTMS Portal from a Smartphones / Tablet / Computer to complete their registrations or transactions.

Continue reading to know How to register on LTO Portal Online.

LTO Services Available on LTMS Online Portal

Following is the list of services provided by the LTO on the LTMS Online Portal

  • Driver/conductor’s application for permits or licenses
  • Driver/conductor’s renewal of existing permits or  licenses
  • Registration of all motor vehicles
  • Requests for revision of records
  • Viewing of all unsettled violations in your profile
  • Viewing the history of all of misconducts
  • Requests for Certificate of No Apprehension
  • Settling of traffic violations by paying fines online or at any LTO District Office Cashier
  • Accessing and taking the new Driver’s License Renewal Course
  • Review for the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) exam using the audio-visual presentations and videos
  • Taking the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) exam
  • Accessing IDs, permits, and other important LTO documents.
  • Submission of position papers for contested cases of traffic violations
  • Viewing previous transactions with the LTO
  • Accessing and downloading driver’s licenses and official receipts
  • Replacement of lost or damaged driver’s license
  • Conversion of foreign driver’s license to local driver’s license
  • Changing of driver’s license classification from non-professional to professional
  • Request for additional restriction code or category
  • Assemblers, Importers, Rebuilders, Dealers and other Entities (MAIRDOE) accreditation

Registered users can perform all LTO related transactions on the LTMS Portal online by just logging into their account.

Benefits of LTMS Portal by LTO

Using the LTO Portal is beneficial because of the following reasons:

  • Saves a Ton of time
  • Fast, round-the-clock LTO transactions and services
  • Increased your chance of passing the Theoretical Exam using the e-learning modules
  • Corruption free, as everything is under surveillance
  • Hassle-free acquisition of CDE certificate for license renewal
  • Easy checking of license status online without the need for stressful follow-ups
  • Avoid illegal means of processing LTO documents
  • All LTO-related credentials are archived and accessible from anywhere 24/7
  • No need to suffer in long lines while waiting for your turn

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Requirements for LTMS Portal Online Registration

Following is the list of requirements, one needs to register in LTO’s LTMS Portal Online:

  • An Internet connection
  • A device – be it a computer, desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • Active mobile number
  • A valid email address
  • Basic Information
    • For those who already have a license, but no LTMS account
      • Full name
      • Birthday 
      • Gender
      • Driver’s/conductor’s license number 
      • Expiry date
      • Official receipt number (or mother’s maiden name if you no longer have your receipt)
      • Mother’s maiden name
      • Emergency contact
      • Medical information
      • Complete address
    • For alien residents
      • Alien certificate of registration number (ACR)
      • ACR expiry date,  
      • Nationality 

How to Register on LTO Portal Online

You can register on LTMS Portal Online by following the steps given below:

Screenshot of LTO Portal
Screenshot of LTO Online Portal
  1. Go to the LTMS Online Portal by visiting
  2. To register on LTMS Online Portal, click on Register Now.
  3. Read the Terms of Agreement clearly and click the check box that says “Yes, I Accept.”
  4. Enter the correct security code and Click on Next
  5. Choose the form of registration:
    • Enroll as an Individual
    • Enroll as an Organization
    • Enrollment of LTO Stakeholders – Maird
    • Enrollment of LTO Stakeholders – Other Entity
  6. Fill in all the details and Enter your Mobile Number and Email address
  7. You will receive an email with Verification link
  8. After verification is complete, fill in the details like Emergency contact, Medical information, General information and Address
  9. After filling in these details, you will be assigned a a 15-digit number. This serves as your username.
  10. You are now registered with the LTMS Portal and can access the LTMS Portal by logging in using the username and password provided via email.

Video Guide on How to Register for LTO Portal

LTMS Portal Online Registration video guide