UE Scholarship 2024 – University of the East

The University of the East – UE is offering Scholarships to its eligible and deserving students to help support their education. Students who are currently enrolled at or will enroll at the University of the East are eligible these scholarships.

UE Scholarship 2024
UE Scholarship 2024

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University of the East – UE

University of the East – UE is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the Philippines. The University of the East has its campuses at Manila and Caloocan.

The university was founded in the year 1946 by Dr. Francisco T. Dalupan Sr. as a review classes for 110 students enrolled in Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Out of these 110 students, four students made it to top places in the CPA board examinations in 1947. This initial success paved the way for Dr. Dalupan and his colleagues to open the Philippine College of Commerce and Business Administration (PCCBA).

In the year 1951, the PCCBA was granted university status and was renamed as the University of the East (UE), with Dr. Dalupan being the President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

UE Vision

The Vision Statement of the University of the East reads as follows:

As a private non-sectarian institution of higher learning, the University of the East commits itself to producing, through relevant and affordable quality education, morally upright and competent leaders in various professions, imbued with a strong sense of service to their fellowmen and their country.

University Campuses

The University of the East has three main campuses, which are as follows:

University of the East Manila

  • Address: 2219 C.M. Recto Avenue, Brgy. 404, Zone 41, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines 1008.
  • Manila Campus Phone Number: (632) 8735-54-71.

University of the East Caloocan

  • Address: 105 Samson Road, Brgy. 80, Caloocan City, Philippines 1400.
  • Caloocan Campus Phone Number: (632) 8367-45-72.

University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, INC. (UERMMMCI)

  • Address: 64 Aurora Boulevard, Brgy. Doña Imelda, Quezon City, Philippines 1113.
  • UERMMMCI Phone Number: (632) 8715-08-61.

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University of the East – UE Scholarships

The University of the East provides scholarships to all the eligible and deserving students who are from a financially background to help them pursue their education without the stress of paying for the fees.

University of the East – UE offers three main scholarships which are as follows:

  1. Academic Scholars
  2. Family Discount
  3. PEAC-DepEd Tuition Fee Subsidy

Let us know about each of these scholarships in details.

Academic Scholars – UE Scholarships

University of the East – UE offers Academic Scholarships to the deserving students of Grade 7 and Grade 11 students on the basis of the merit. Students can avail the following academic scholarships:

  • Full Scholarship for Rank 1 of the graduating class
  • Half Scholarship for Rank 2 of the graduating class

Family Discount – UE Scholarships

Siblings of the students enrolled in the Basic Education Department may apply for the family discount up to 50%. The Family discount which a student can avail is as follows:

  • 25% discount for the 3rd child enrolled in the department
  • 50% discount for the 4th child enrolled in the department

PEAC-DepEd Tuition Fee Subsidy

The Private Education Assistance Committee of DepEd offers Tuition Fee Subsidy. Eligible and Qualified students of Grade 7 and Grade 11 may apply for this subsidy, which is as follows:

  • ESC Grant / Tuition Fee subsidy for incoming Grade 7 qualified students
  • Qualified Voucher Recipient tuition fee subsidy for incoming Gr. 11 qualified students from public school and from private school

How to Apply for UE Scholarships

All interested and eligible students studying at the University of the East can know about application process of these scholarships by visiting the UE Campus Admission or Scholarships office.

For more information on the UE Scholarships, visit https://www.ue.edu.ph/ or get in touch with UE Campus office.


Is there a scholarship in UE?

The University of the East offers Academic Scholarships, Family Discount, PEAC-DepEd Tuition Fee Subsidy

How much is the tuition fee in UE Manila?

Tuition fees varies depending upon the course a student chooses to pursue. The Tuition fee at UE Manila is estimated between PHP15000-PHP52000 per year. This is just an estimate. For more details, contact UE Manila.

How many students are in UE?

The UE started with a total of 110 students, but as years passed by, there are over 60,000 students enrolled at the University of the East – UE.

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