CHED to provide “Free and Quality Education in the Philippines”

In a recent interview, a CHED Official from Davao region announced the upcoming strategic plans of the Commission on Higher Education – CHED. CHED plans to provide Free Education and improve the quality of education in the Philippines.

Commission on Higher Education Plans to Provide Free Education
CHED Davao announces its plans to provide free and quality education

A senior officer from CHED- Davao made the announcement in front of the press that it plans to provide free and equal access to education for every Filipino students for the academic years 2023 to 2028.

CHED Announcement

Dr. Christopher Pio O. Pulido is a supervisor at CHED-Davao. Dr. Christopher specializes in education programs for the organization. In a news interview on May 10, 2024 – Friday morning at the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) Gymnasium, he made a ground breaking announcement about CHED’s commitment to aligning with the president’s vision and presenting their strategic plan to all higher education institutions nationwide.

He said “CHED would be presenting its plan of action to the president and all higher education institutions throughout the nation”. One of the primary objectives of this strategic plan is to ensure access and equity in education, particularly by eliminating fees for students in state universities and colleges.

A report in Sun Star Philippines, states that “Additionally, the commission aims to sustain the delivery of quality education in the region, promote internationalization, and enhance Ched’s corporate social responsibility and internal capacity as an institution.”

Improving Quality of Education

Mr. Pulido also highlighted the fact of improving quality of education in the Davao Region, noting the achievements of national education institutions like the University of Mindanao, recognized with a Philippine Quality Award level four, and Ateneo de Davao, consistently ranked among top universities internationally.

The Director of Ched-Davao, Dr. Maricar R. Casquejo, was also present in the moment and emphasized the importance of collaboration among higher education institutions (HEIs) in advancing transformative and resilient higher education during her speech at the commission’s 30th-anniversary celebration.

She said – “Together as one region, let us continue to push boundaries and shape the future towards a transformative and resilient higher education, especially in the Davao Region.”

The Dream of Free Education

Receiving Free and Quality education can truly improve the literacy of the nation and contribute to overall development of the society. In modern times, countries like Finland, Norway, Sweden and Germany are very well-known world-wide for their tuition-free education systems. If Philippines succeeds in providing Free and Quality education nationwide, it will a moment of great pride and a huge leap towards nation’s development.

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